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Managed by industry veterans and experts, we deliver impartial and comprehensive financial advice aligned to clients’ interest and customised to clients’ needs. Supported by robust and thorough wealth management research & support, we empower our clients to gain access to best-of-breed financial products and services, be it life insurance, general insurance, investment, estate planning, etc.

As the leading independent financial planning company, we have achieved 20 years of excellence in business practices, and are deeply honoured to have gained due recognition from Spring Singapore since 2008:




Singapore Quality Class Star &
People Developer


The one word to describe Financial Alliance: PROGRESS. I like to use “Progress” instead of “Success” or “Achievement” because it is a journey. A progressive culture is the only thing we need. As long as we have the progressive culture, everything will fall into place.

PROGRESS” describes our last 19 years and will continue to describe our future years.”

Vincent Ee – Founder Financial Alliance

Our Vision

“To be the guiding star in the eyes of our clients, and the inspiration for the Financial Advisory industry in the region.”

Our Mission

“With a dedicated & competent team, we relentlessly champion purposeful financial advice for our clients and elevate life quality for all.”

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Company Milestones

Incorporated in 1993, Financial Alliance is an award-winning independent financial advisory firm with over 70,000 clients. Financial Alliance secured its Investment Advisory license in 1999, and over the years, Financial Alliance has achieved many milestones:

independent financial advisory firm


Established as an Independent Financial Advisory ("IFA") firm which aligns the company to client's needs