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Corporate Financial Advisory

Starting a business is difficult, but keeping it afloat is even more difficult. Lightening your burden, Financial Alliance’s Corporate Financial Advisory is created to help businesses retain valuable employees, survive a business partner’s death, and protect a business against non-commercial threats.

Employee Benefits

Keep your employees motivated with irresistible group life insurance and out-patient care!

Finding quality employees is half the challenge…

Keeping them — and keeping them well-motivated — is the other half, especially in a tight labour market.

As a caring and committed employer, you recognize that your company’s success is the direct result of your employees’ hard work. And now, you want to do your part by taking care of the people who have been taking care of your business.

We offer advice and solutions to protect your company’s most valuable asset – its people. You can grant them the peace of mind that comes with financial protection.

Group Term Life

Providing your employees with life insurance so they can focus on more important things – their work.

Group Critical Illness

Protecting your employees against critical illnesses so they can focus on recovery.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Supporting employees who get into an accident while working.

Group Hospital and Surgical with Major Medical

Making hospitalisation and surgery cheap for your hardworking employees.

Out-Patient Specialist and Clinical

Helping your employees get back on their feet so they can return to work, energised

Business Succession Planning

Set up buy-sell agreements and funding mechanisms to survive a business partner’s death.

Think of it as passing the baton…

As a business owner, you are the lifeblood of your organisation, the driving force behind its success.

Have you considered what will happen to your business when you are ready to retire?

Do you have children or other family members ready to continue the family business? Or is there another successor in line who will be able to pick up the reins? If you died prematurely or became disabled, will the business you worked so hard to build be able to continue… and will your family be financially provided for?

Our representatives are trained to help business owners:

  • Plan to deal with the loss of a partner / key employee
  • Protect their income
  • Maximize their retirement benefits
  • Facilitate the continuation of their businesses
  • Making smart choices in estate planning

The tools we use include:

Business Continuity

Survive your partner’s and/or key employee’s death with an agreement to buy out the shares, and a funding mechanism to finance the purchase.

Protection for Owners’ Income

Make your business work for you by letting it protect you and your loved ones from permanent disability and sudden death.

Retirement Benefits

Set out your terms and conditions, and retire knowing your business will fund your retirement when you decide to step down.

Commercial Business Planning

Protect your business assets against fire, flood, legal implications and accidents.

Minimize business risks and continue with little disruption.

As a business owner, besides business risks, you face non-business risks. Such risks are chance events with an adverse economic impact on your enterprise.

Financial Alliance always strives to understand and complete your insurance needs through our constant innovation of customized programs. Therefore, should the insured event occur, the economic impact would be minimised and your enterprise can continue operating with little disruption.

Protection against Fire and Extraneous Peril

Protecting your business properties from fire, flood, lightning and other non-commercial risks.

Director and Officer Insurance

Coping with the death of a director or an important officer is made easier with Financial Alliance’s help.

Professional Indemnity

Protecting your business against legal implications to prevent legal fees from hindering your business’ growth.

Providing you with a bond insurance so that you can issue bonds with lower interest rates.

Commercial Vehicle and Corporate Travel
Protecting your business vehicles, and covering your travel insurance to ensure a smooth business travel.

How Our Corporate Clients Benefit


Enhancing employee welfare to better attract and retain staff


Protecting your business assets against fire, flood, legal implications and accidents.


Enabling smoother business continuation through smart use of keyman insurance


Setting up buy-sell agreements and funding mechanisms to survive a business partner's death.


Having unbiased financial advice customised to your circumstances and goals.


Having the thousands of financial products available in the market narrowed down.


Capitalising on suitable financial solutions


Saving time and effort with the help of your one-stop fintech-enabled financial services capabilities


Receiving tips on how to better manage your finances.