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Corporate Financial Advisory

A business has many threats to contend with as it navigates itself to growth and prominence. To give business owners peace of mind as they focus on their core business competencies and competition, Financial Alliance’s Corporate Financial Advisory comes in to help businesses protect themselves financially against a wide range of financial risks such as property loss / damage to professional liability, business travel-related risks and more.

Employee Benefits

Retain your employees with the appropriate group life insurance and out-patient care insurance!

Finding quality employees is challenging enough

Retaining them is even more tricky, especially in a tight labour market.

We offer advice and solutions to protect your company’s most valuable asset – your people. We can tailor the following insurance based on your HR retention strategy: 

  • Group Term Life
  • Group Critical Illnesses
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Hospitalisation and Surgery
  • Outpatient and Specialist Medical Attention

Business Succession Planning

Set up buy-sell agreements and funding mechanisms to survive a business partner’s death.

Passing the baton…

As a business owner, you are the lifeblood of your organisation, the driving force behind its success.

What will happen to your business when you are ready to retire?

Do you have children, other family members or someone else to take over the business you nurtured? If you died prematurely or became disabled, will the business you worked so hard to build be able to continue… and will your family be financially provided for?

Our representatives are trained to help business owners:

  • Plan to deal with the loss of a partner / key employee
  • Protect their income
  • Maximise their retirement benefits
  • Facilitate the continuation of their businesses
  • Making smart choices in estate planning

We approach it from many angles, including:

Business Continuity

Survive your partner’s and/or key employee’s death with an agreement to buy out the shares, and a funding mechanism to finance the purchase.

Protection for Owners’ Income

Make your business work for you by letting it protect you and your loved ones from permanent disability and sudden death.

Retirement Benefits

Set out your terms and conditions, and retire knowing your business will fund your retirement when you decide to step down.

Commercial Business Planning

Protect your business and its assets against a wide range of risks. Strategic use of insurance helps your business remain financially resilient in the face of intensifying competition and a more challenging business environment. 

Minimize business risks and continue with little disruption.

As a business owner, besides business risks, you face non-business risks. Such risks are chance events with an adverse economic impact on your enterprise.

Financial Alliance always strives to understand and complete your insurance needs through our constant innovation of customized programs. Therefore, should the insured event occur, the economic impact would be minimised and your enterprise can continue operating with little disruption.

Protection against Fire and Extraneous Peril

Fire and extraneous peril insurance provides coverage against damage and losses to property caused by fires and named perils. It can significantly mitigate the financial risks of fire-related events and helps property owners recover and rebuild in the aftermath of a fire or named perils.

Director and Officer Insurance

Director and Officer (D&O) insurance is liability insurance that safeguards company directors and officers from personal financial losses resulting from claims and lawsuits brought against them in their capacity as company leaders. D&O insurance is crucial for attracting talented individuals to leadership positions and retaining them as it assures them that they are protected against personal liability for the decisions and actions they take in good faith while performing their duties.

Professional Indemnity

Professional liability insurance protects professionals from financial losses resulting from claims of negligence, errors, or omissions committed in the course of their professional services. Professional liability insurance is crucial in providing financial security and peace of mind to professionals, allowing them to focus on their work without the constant fear of costly legal repercussions.


Insurers offer a variety of bond types to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Bond insurance includes Performance Bond, Immigration Bond, HDB Bond, Levy Bond, Employment Agency Bond, etc.

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel insurance protects employees when they embark on business-related travel. It helps mitigate the financial risks and provides peace of mind to both employees and the organisation, ensuring that they are adequately protected during business trips and reducing potential financial burdens that may arise from unforeseen events.

Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Commercial vehicle fleet insurance provides comprehensive protection for a fleet of vehicles owned or operated by a business. Instead of insuring each vehicle individually, fleet insurance allows businesses to cover multiple vehicles under a single policy, streamlining the insurance process and potentially reducing costs.

How Our Corporate Clients Benefit


Enhancing employee welfare to better attract and retain staff


Protecting your business assets against fire, flood, legal implications and accidents.


Enabling smoother business continuation through smart use of keyman insurance


Setting up buy-sell agreements and funding mechanisms to survive a business partner's death.


Having unbiased financial advice customised to your circumstances and goals.


Having the thousands of financial products available in the market narrowed down.


Capitalising on suitable financial solutions


Saving time and effort with the help of your one-stop fintech-enabled financial services capabilities


Receiving tips on how to better manage your finances.