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independent financial advisory firm

Why Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

By being “INDEPENDENT”, we offer impartial financial advice that is in the clients’ interest instead of providing biased advice that is unduly influenced by our business partners’ sales quotas or higher commissions.

As an independent financial advisory (IFA) firm, we have stuck to this principle from day one so that our clients benefit fully from impartial advice and put in place the best-suited financial plans.

To understand more about why we insist on offering “INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE”, please click here.

Why Financial Alliance?

One-Stop Financial Planning Service in Singapore

Guided by our philosophy – the 5 Pillars of Wealth which are in sync with MAS's Fair Dealing Guidelines – and backed by our in-house experts, our financial adviser representatives help you effectively analyze and identify the gap between your current financial position and your financial objectives.

Our fintech infrastructure will then narrow down the thousands of products provided by various financial institutions in Singapore before providing you with well-rounded solutions.

To make your financial planning endeavours more effective, our Financial Consultants will:

  • Listen to your financial goals;
  • Understand your financial objectives; and
  • Review your current financial health

To ensure that you’ll have a financially stable and an emotionally satisfying life.

Our Financial Planning Services

Personal Financial Advisory

Provides everything from wealth protection to retirement planning and will writing.

Private Wealth Advisory

Provides everything needed to maximise the wealth of individuals with high net worth.

Islamic Wealth Advisory

Provides Islamic financial products that are in compliant or close to the Syariah law.

Fee-Based Advisory

Provides a detailed report of your personal financial health to help you achieve your financial goals.

Corporate Financial Advisory

Provides wealth-enhancing solutions and non-commercial protection for corporations.

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