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Pillars Of

This is the financial advisory model that covers all the essential elements of financial planning. Stemming from this model, our financial consulting services are designed to take every aspect of financial planning into consideration and provide our clients with comprehensive advice.

5 Pillars Of Wealth

This is the financial advisory model that covers all the essential elements of financial planning. Stemming from this model, our financial consulting services
are designed to take every aspect of financial planning into consideration and provide our clients with comprehensive advice.

Wealth Protection

This is the first and most important Pillar of Wealth.

Without adequate protection, you will be vulnerable to the nasty effects of a chance misfortune which will cause you to suffer unnecessary and possibly tremendous financial losses. Our planning helps to reduce the negative impact of unplanned misfortunes and ensure your lifestyle remains unaffected as much as possible thereafter.

Wealth Maintenance

This second Pillar of Wealth

To maintain your wealth, you need to analyse your general financial health indicators such as cash flow and debt position. A net positive cash flow with no over-committed liabilities is considered healthy. Our financial consulting services will guide you to effectively manage your cash flow and suggest ways to reduce or avoid unnecessary borrowing.

Wealth Accumulation

The third Pillar of Wealth

Accumulating wealth, especially from an early age, drives you towards meeting your long-term financial objectives. In Singapore, the two most common needs are Retirement Funding and Children Education Funding. Take advantage of our financial consulting services to help you develop a realistic and achievable programme to meet these needs.

Wealth Enhancement

The fourth Pillar of Wealth

Diversifying your financial portfolio to include investments could help to maximise the growth potential of your assets. When you engage our financial consulting services, you will be guided to develop an investment programme that is appropriate to your unique situation, yet will grow at a rate you desire. With the help of our proprietary tools, you stand a better chance of enhancing your investment return, thereby fulfilling your long-term financial dreams.

Wealth Distribution

The fifth and final Pillar of Wealth

Regardless of the value of assets you have, you are entitled to distribute your estate according to your wishes, so do have them written down on properly drafted and executed documents to ensure that your rights are protected. Our financial consulting services are designed to help you develop an effective and efficient estate plan so that your legacy will be well preserved and distributed according to your wishes.

This is the first and most important Pillar of Wealth.

Without adequate protection, you will be vulnerable to the nasty effects of a chance misfortune which will cause you to suffer unnecessary and possibly tremendous financial losses. Our planning helps to reduce the negative impact of unplanned misfortunes and ensure your lifestyle remains unaffected as much as possible thereafter.


Dedicated to protecting and growing the wealth of our clients, Financial Alliance offers the following financial consulting services that fit perfectly with your financial needs and wants, regardless of your background and phase in life.

Personal Financial Advisory

Provides everything from wealth protection to retirement planning and will writing.

Private Wealth Advisory

Provides everything needed to maximise the wealth of individuals with high net worth.

Islamic Wealth Advisory

Provides Islamic financial products that are in compliant or close to the Syariah law.

Fee-Based Advisory

Provides a detailed report of your personal financial health to help you achieve your financial goals.


Financial Alliance is a one-stop centre for delivering multiple financial advisory and consulting solutions to meet your needs at different stages of your life, helping you fulfil your goals and achieve financial independence.

Retirement Planning
Would you agree that the only person who can take care of the older you in the future is the younger person you are now?

Child Education
Children bring us great joy as they discover the world around them

Family Income
Loved ones have to carry on no matter what happens

Major Illness
Protect yourself and your family against financial worries caused by ill health

Disability Income
Life is full of the unexpected, but you can choose to be prepared and remain in control

Saving Plan
Helping you achieve your goals at every stage in life

Investment Planning
Do you want your hard-earned money to work harder for you?

Will & Estate
“You can’t take it with you… But, you can choose who gets it and who doesn’t.”

Home Ownership
Ensure your loved ones will always have a roof over their heads

Hospital & Surgical
Protect yourself with an affordable health plan now before the unthinkable happens.

General Insurance
Get a peace of mind with a variety of general insurance made available to cater to your various insurance needs.

CPF Investment
Milk your CPF funds for all they are worth


We offer various private wealth advisory and consulting services to high net worth individuals.

In the area of wealth distribution, we work with several world class financial institutions to provide discreet trust solutions in estate planning. In addition, our financial consulting services include creating tailor-made financial protection plans to your specifications by working with insurance companies specialised in these areas.

To maximise returns on your assets, our consulting services empower you to benefit from a customised investment programme by matching your risk and return objectives to the best-of- breed investment products in the market.

By adopting an open architectural platform, we are able to work with the best Fund Management firms and other Alternative Investments providers. Our independent, objective and robust financial advisory process, coupled with our wide range of products, makes us the partner of choice in providing private wealth advisory services.


Financial Alliance is a leader in providing Islamic Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Services to individuals, corporations and institutions in Singapore:

  • Our Processes. We incorporate into our advisory processes key elements to reflect the unique needs of Muslim clients.
  • Our Products & Services. We provide a comprehensive suite of Islamic products & services, of which some are exclusive to us.
  • Our Partners. We provide our clients access to some of the most established names in the area of Islamic inheritance and Zakat.
  • Our People. We conduct in-house Islamic Wealth Management Certification and other training courses to enable our consultants to better serve their Muslim clients.

One Stop Centre 
For all your Islamic wealth planning needs

Our Syariah Advisor
About Dr Mohamad Akram Laldin

Investment portfolios based completely on Syariah-compliant and preferred products

Personal or family protection needs that are acceptable or as close to Syariah as possible

Estate Planning
Customised solutions with respect to Islamic Estate Planning

Zakat Planning
Zakat calculation services for both individuals and businesses

SME & Institutions
Solutions for SMEs and institutions that are in-line or close to Syariah


Our fee-based advisory service helps you navigate your way to financial liberation. This financial consulting service addresses all aspects of wealth management and offers complete peace of mind as the recommended courses of action are what you need and not what financial institutions want to sell. Offered in a modular format, you can structure your fee-based advisory service – and report – to be as holistic as you like or as specific as you want.

Our professional planners are specially trained to advise you on all aspects of wealth management. To add further value to their recommendations, they are supported by the experts and dedicated systems in our centralised technical wealth management department that specialises in areas such as investment, insurance, estate planning and mortgages.

We are therefore proud to say that every layer of our advisory process is designed to ensure that our clients’ interests are not compromised.

Click HERE to find out more about our fee-based advisory service.

Starting a business is difficult, but keeping it afloat is even more difficult. Lightening your burden, Financial Alliance’s Corporate Financial Advisory is created to help businesses retain valuable employees, survive a business partner’s death, and protect a business against non-commercial threats.

Employee Benefits

Keep your employees motivated with irresistible group life insurance and out-patient care!

Business Succession Planning

Set up buy-sell agreements and funding mechanisms to survive a business partner’s death.

Commercial Business Planning

Protect your business assets against fire, flood, legal implications and accidents.


Finding quality employees is half the challenge…

Keeping them — and keeping them well-motivated — is the other half, especially in a tight labour market.

As a caring and committed employer, you recognize that your company’s success is the direct result of your employees’ hard work. And now, you want to do your part by taking care of the people who have been taking care of your business.

We offer advice and solutions to protect your company’s most valuable asset – its people. You can grant them the peace of mind that comes with financial protection.

Group Term Life
Providing your employees with life insurance so they can focus on more important things – their work.

Group Critical Illness
Protecting your employees against critical illnesses so they can focus on recovery.

Group Personal Accident Insurance
Supporting employees who get into an accident while working.

Group Hospital and Surgical with Major Medical
Making hospitalisation and surgery cheap for your hardworking employees.

Out-Patient Specialist and Clinical
Helping your employees get back on their feet so they can return to work, energised


Think of it as passing the baton…

As a business owner, you are the lifeblood of your organisation, the driving force behind its success.

Have you considered what will happen to your business when you are ready to retire?

Do you have children or other family members ready to continue the family business? Or is there another successor in line who will be able to pick up the reins? If you died prematurely or became disabled, will the business you worked so hard to build be able to continue… and will your family be financially provided for?

Our representatives are trained to help business owners:

  • Plan to deal with the loss of a partner / key employee
  • Protect their income
  • Maximize their retirement benefits
  • Facilitate the continuation of their businesses
  • Making smart choices in estate planning

The tools we use include:

Business Continuity
Survive your partner’s and/or key employee’s death with an agreement to buy out the shares, and a funding mechanism to finance the purchase.

Protection for Owners’ Income
Make your business work for you by letting it protect you and your loved ones from permanent disability and sudden death.

Retirement Benefits
Set out your terms and conditions, and retire knowing your business will fund your retirement when you decide to step down.


Minimize business risks and continue with little disruption.

As a business owner, besides business risks, you face non-business risks. Such risks are chance events with an adverse economic impact on your enterprise.

Financial Alliance always strives to understand and complete your insurance needs through our constant innovation of customized programs. Therefore, should the insured event occur, the economic impact would be minimised and your enterprise can continue operating with little disruption.

Protection against Fire and Extraneous Peril
Protecting your business properties from fire, flood, lightning and other non-commercial risks.

Director and Officer Insurance
Coping with the death of a director or an important officer is made easier with Financial Alliance’s help.

Professional Indemnity
Protecting your business against legal implications to prevent legal fees from hindering your business’ growth.

Providing you with a bond insurance so that you can issue bonds with lower interest rates.

Commercial Vehicle and Corporate Travel
Protecting your business vehicles, and covering your travel insurance to ensure a smooth business travel.


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Our Business Partners

By partnering with a wide range of insurance companies, investment houses and other wealth management solution providers, we are proud to be able to independently and objectively structure the most fitting solution to fit your unique circumstance.

FAA Regulated Products

  1. AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
  2. Aviva Limited
  3. AXA Insurance Pte Ltd
  4. China Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  5. China TaiPing Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  6. Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
  7. Friends Provident International
  8. HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited
  9. Life Insurance Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  1. Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  2. NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Ltd
  3. Old Mutual International Isle of Man Ltd S’pore Br
  4. Raffles Health Insurance Pte Ltd
  5. Singapore Life
  6. Swiss Life Global Solutions
  7. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd
  8. Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd
  9. Utmost Worldwide Limited (S’pore Branch)
  1. Havenport Investments Pte. Ltd.
  2. iFAST Financial
  1. Navigator Investment Services Ltd
  2. Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
  1. Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Ltd
  2. AllianceBernstein (Singapore) Ltd
  3. Allianz Global Investors Singapore Ltd
  4. Alquity Investment Management Limited
  5. Amanah Mutual Berhad
  6. Amundi Luxembourg S.A.
  7. Amundi Singapore Limited
  8. APS Asset Management Pte Ltd
  9. Aviva Investors Asia Pte Ltd
  10. Aviva Investors Luxembourg
  11. Barclay Bank Plc
  12. BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A
  13. BlackRock (Singapore) Limited
  14. BNP Paribas Investment Partners
  15. Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited
  16. Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited
  17. DB Platinum
  18. Deutsche Asset Management (Asia)
  19. Duxton Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
  20. DWS Investment S.A.
  21. DWS Noor Islamic Funds plc
  22. Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited
  23. Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management
  24. Eurizon Capital S.A.
  25. Fidelity Worldwide Investment
  26. First State Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd
  27. First State Investments (Singapore)
  28. Franklin Templeton Investments
  29. FRM Investment Management Limited
  30. Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd
  31. Henderson Global Investors (Singapore) Limited
  32. HSBC Global Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd
  33. ING Investment Management
  34. Invesco Asset Management Asia Limited
  35. J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  36. Kotak Mahindra (UK) Limited
  1. Legg Mason Asset Management S’pore Pte Ltd
  2. Legg Mason Global Funds Plc
  3. Lion Global Investors Limited
  4. List of Exchange Traded Funds
  5. Lyxor Asset Management (Ireland) Limited
  6. Man Investments Limited
  7. Manulife Asset Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  8. Manulife Global Fund
  9. Matrix Alternative Investment Strategies
  10. Matthews Asia Funds
  11. Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd
  12. Natixis Global Asset Management
  13. Navigator Investment Services Limited
  14. Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited
  15. Old Mutual Global Investors (Asia Pacific) Ltd
  16. OSK International Asset
  17. Phillip Capital Management
  18. Pimco Asia Pte Limited
  19. PineBridge Investments Ireland Limited
  20. PineBridge Investments Singapore Limited
  21. Pioneer Alternative Investments
  22. Pioneer Investments
  23. Prestige Fund Management Ltd
  24. Reliance Asset Management-Mauritius Ltd.
  25. Robeco
  26. Russell Investments Limited
  27. Salus Alpha Capital GmbH
  28. Schroder Investment Management
  29. SHK Fund Managment Limited
  30. Singapore Unit Trusts Limited
  31. Superfund Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd
  32. Threadneedle Investments
  33. UBS Global Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd
  34. UOB Asset Management
  35. Vanguard Investments Singapore Pte Ltd

Non-FAA Regulated Products

  1. Aetna Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
  2. AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
  3. Allianz Insurance Company of Singapore
  4. Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (Singapore)
  5. AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
  6. Aviva Limited
  7. AXA Insurance Pte Ltd
  8. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company
  9. China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  10. Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited
  11. CIGNA International
  12. Delta Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  13. ECICS Limited
  14. EQ Insurance Company Ltd
  15. ERGO Insurance Pte Ltd
  16. Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
  1. Great American Insurance Company
  2. Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd
  3. Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
  4. HL Assurance Pte Ltd
  5. Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
  6. Lonpac Insurance Bhd
  7. MS First Capital Insurance Ltd
  8. MSIG Insurance (S’pore) Pte Ltd
  9. NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Ltd
  10. QBE Insurance (International) Ltd
  11. Raffles Health Insurance Pte Ltd
  12. Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  13. Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd
  14. Tokio Marine Life Singapore Ltd
  15. Zurich International Life Limited
  16. Zurich Insurance Co Limited
  1. ANZ Singapore
  2. Citibank Singapore
  3. CIMB Bank
  4. DBS
  5. HSBC Bank
  6. Hong Leong Finance
  7. Lloyds TSB Bank plc
  8. MayBank
  1. OCBC
  2. POSB
  3. RHB
  4. Sing Invt & Finance
  5. Standard Charterd
  6. State Bank of India
  7. UOB
  8. Westpac Bank
  1. Falco Heritage Pte Ltd
  2. Barakah Capital Planners
  3. ChrisChong & CT Ho LLP
  4. Kensington Trust Group