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Please be aware that a ".ltd" website offering cryptocurrency services and transactions - and carrying a UK address and contact details - is using the Financial Alliance company logo and selected corporate website content (text and images) from the following pages of our website without the authorisation of Financial Alliance:

  1. https://fa.com.sg/
  2. https://fa.com.sg/our-company/
  3. https://fa.com.sg/faq/

That ".ltd" website also falsely claims their founder is Mr. Vincent Ee, who in reality is based in Singapore and has no relationship with them.

Financial Alliance is not in any way associated with that ".ltd" website, its business and its owners. Any communication and dealings you may have with that website and the people running it have nothing to do with the Financial Alliance group of companies. In addition, Financial Alliance is not in the business of cryptocurrency mining or transactions.

The Financial Alliance group operates in Singapore and Malaysia, and has no business presence in the UK and no premises there. Our related companies who have websites are as follow:

  1. FA Advisory Sdn Bhd: http://www.faadvisory.my/
  2. Fintech Alliance Pte Ltd: https://ftall.sg/
  3. Falco Academy Pte Ltd: https://falcoacademy.com/

Please be vigilant. Thank you.