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Handling and Resolving Complaints

Partnering our clients in their financial management journey is a long-term commitment we are dedicated to fulfil. We therefore take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them fairly and professionally.

If you wish to make a complaint, please write to us at, giving us the details of the matter. Only a complaint lodged by a non-anonymous, identifiable and contactable client or prospective client will be attended to, so please be sure to let us have your full name and contact details.

If the complainant is an individual or the proprietor of a sole proprietorship, and the complaint relates to any financial advisory service provided by us or our financial adviser representatives, the following will specifically apply:

  1. We endeavour to have your complaint resolved within 20 business days, if not earlier. However, if we need more time to resolve the complaint (e.g., if the issues are more complex or if the necessary details take more time to establish, etc), we will keep you updated on the progress of the investigation.
  2. Upon the completion of our investigation, we will send you our final response in writing. If you accept the conclusion of our investigation, we will close the case accordingly. If you find the resolution not to your satisfaction, you may bring the matter to the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC), an independent body who resolves disputes between financial institutions and consumers. Their website has more details.

FIDReC’s office is at:
Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (FIDReC)
36, Robinson Road
#15-01 City House
Singapore 068877

Contact No: +65 6327 8878