This is the first and most important Pillar of Wealth. Without adequate protection, you will be vulnerable to the nasty effects of one or more chance misfortunes, which will cause you to suffer unnecessary and tremendous financial losses. Our planning helps to reduce the negative impact of unplanned misfortunes and ensure that your lifestyle remains unaffected as much as possible thereafter.view more >>

The second Pillar of Wealth analyses your general financial health, such as cash flow and debt position. A net positive cash flow with no overcommitted liabilities is considered healthy. We will advise you how to effectively manage your cash flow and suggest ways to reduce, or avoid, unnecessary borrowing.view more >>

The third Pillar of Wealth drives you towards meeting your long term financial objectives through accumulation. In Singapore, the two most common needs are Retirement Funding and Children Education Funding. We will help you develop a realistic and achievable program to meet these needs.view more >>

The fourth Pillar of Wealth maximises the growth potential of your assets. We help you develop an investment program that is appropriate to your unique situation, yet will grow at a rate you desire. With the help of our proprietary tools, you stand a better chance of enhancing your investment return, thereby fulfilling your long term financial dreams.view more >>

This fifth and final Pillar of Wealth looks at preserving and distributing your estate. The only certainty in life is that it will not last forever. We will help you develop an effective and efficient estate plan so that your legacy will be well preserved and distributed according to your wishes.view more >>

  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Maintenance
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Distribution

Estate Planning

Customized solutions with respect to Islamic Estate Planning.

In Singapore, the estate of a Muslim must be distributed in accordance with Islamic inheritance laws. The distribution of Muslim estates are governed by Faraid, a system or method of distribution of one’s assets after death in accordance with Islamic principles.

However, one’s assets are not restricted to distribution purely under Faraid as there are other means of planning a Muslim’s estate. Among other things, there are permissible instruments in Singapore, such as the use of wasiyyah, hibah ruqba and nuzriah, to help Muslims in their estate planning.

We at Financial Alliance are able to understand your needs and provide you with customised solutions with respect to Islamic Estate Planning.

We understand your needs and offer you customised solutions.
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