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We have been alerted to multiple instances of persons impersonating Financial Alliance when contacting job seekers via online means, such as chat platforms and emails.

Such persons will attempt to, in our company’s name and identity, obtain personal details of the job seeker. In some cases, they reportedly offered to send a check to the job seeker to purchase equipment for the work to be done for them.

Their methods may vary from one job seeker to the next, but their procedure is designed to trick job seekers into eventually disclosing sensitive personal details, such as bank account details.

We wish to make clear that we never conduct recruitment activities, make job offers or ask for a potential recruit’s personal details in a completely online setting (including using Hangouts or any chat platforms). We also do not recruit for data entry positions and other work-at-home positions from the United States of America.

Our recruitment process involves mandatory face-to-face meetings in Singapore, so if you have been dealing with someone claiming to be be from Financial Alliance but does not want to meet (out of inconvenience or any other excuse), you are likely to have been communicating with an impersonator.

If you have been in contact with, or contacted by, any individual who claims to be working for Financial Alliance, please call our Human Resources Department at +65 6222 1889 or email us at to check if that individual really works in our company.

We will gladly check and get back to you.

If we find – after checking – that the individual indeed works for us, we will also get that individual to follow up properly with you.

If our checks reveal that no such individual is working for us, we will inform you too, so that you can be on your guard, as you may, unfortunately, have been dealing with an unauthorized user of our company’s identity.


We are aware of some job seekers who post negative reviews or report against our company on Google, Glassdoor and other platforms based solely on their experience with the impersonators. If you are such a reviewer, we have the following message for you:

We are happy that you have been vigilant and that you post your negative review in good faith to warn others. However, your negative review is nevertheless a great disservice to those you intend to warn – because the impersonators are in no way affected by your negative review. As a result, they boldly continue their impersonation activities unabated since they do not need to uphold or defend a reputation that is not theirs to begin with.

We would therefore greatly appreciate it if you would make it clear in your review, via editing or adding clarifications to your review, that your “scammed” experience has been with impersonators and/or unauthorized users of our company’s identity.


We take this opportunity to ask all to be on their guard against parties who impersonate us.

When you are contacted by someone who claims to be from Financial Alliance, please check with us at +65 6222 1889 or

Thank you.