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Career Opportunity As A Financial Advisor

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As a Financial Consultant, you will profile clients and provide them with advice and solutions to meet their financial needs. You will achieve this through the implementation of suitable solutions after analysing every client’s unique financial situation.

Key Responsibilities

  • To profile clients’ needs and provide them with purposeful financial consulting services.
  • To acquire new clients through your own means or through our dynamic range of business development and sales activities.
  • Actively promote and cross-sell a wide range of wealth management products – such as Structured Investment, Life Insurance, Personal and Commercial Insurance, Unit Trusts and Alternative Investment etc.
  • Engage in business development activities, including client presentations, demos, proposal writing, and meetings.


  • Self-motivated, with a strong will to excel in a competitive environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 3 years of marketing/sales experience. Accreditation in CMFAS Modules 5, 8, 8A, 9 and 9A is highly preferred.
  • Ability to effectively interact and communicate with a broad range of people.
  • Able to take initiative and work well in a team environment.
  • Pleasant personality and good learning attitude.

A Financial Advisory Director/Associate Director is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and a team of Financial Consultants to enable them to make sound advice and solutions/recommendations to meet clients’ financial needs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participate in strategic planning, and formulate long-term business plans.
  • Recruit new consultants.
  • Lead and work on business development projects.
  • Monitor performance efficiency and liaising with team members.


  • The ability to build and lead cohesive working teams.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 3 years of marketing/sales experience. Accreditation in CMFAS Module 5, 8, 8A, 9 and 9A is highly preferred.
  • High commitment to team members’ business development and good time management skills with the ability to prioritise.

Why Build Your Finance Consultant Career With Us?

Financial Assistance Program of up to 12 months to start-up the business!

Rewarding career path

Exciting remuneration model

Proven Training & Development Program that builds competence and business capabilities

robust infrastructure that seamlessly supports business acquisition and business processing

A true IFA Business Practice and culture that differentiates

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    Testimonials From Our Financial Consultants

    “I was very impressed by the way the Management runs the Company by creating innovative IT systems to ease our administrative workload.”

    Kok Geok Lan – Senior Financial Advisory Manager

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    “Financial Alliance has reliable and efficient systems to assist me in achieving higher standards as a FA Representative and boosting my productivity level…”

    Fann Sim – Associate Wealth Advisory Director

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    “ Obviously, as someone who was completely inexperienced then, I had to join to continue learning more!”

    Yvonne Lim – Associate Wealth Advisory Director

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    “The more I found out about Financial Alliance, the more their emphasis on multiple products and advisory infrastructure made sense to me and my aspirations.”

    Anthony Liew – Financial Advisory Manager

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    “Financial Alliance is rigorous in their product selection process – be it unit trusts or insurance”

    Dhananjaya Reddy Eswaravaka – Wealth Advisory Director

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    More Than A Finance Job In Singapore

    In October 2017, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced its plan to revamp the industry and create 3,000 new finance jobs in Singapore every year until 2020.

    As Financial Alliance stands at the forefront of providing financial advisory services in Singapore, we are proud to partake in the growth of our country’s industry, so a career with us is more than just a finance job in Singapore.

    Here at Financial Alliance, we take pride in our noble status as a leading Independent Financial Adviser in Singapore and our client-centric approach that aligns our interests with our clients’ financial well-being. Through our fintech-enabled platform that offers wide-ranging financial advisory products and services, our representatives are empowered to build emotionally and financially-satisfying financial consultant careers that allow them to form meaningful professional relationships, and make a difference to their clients.

    We therefore place heavy emphasis on the well-being of our representatives, and our numerous effective initiatives to groom them into competent professionals, including:

    Advanced Fintech infrastructure

    Ensure 24/7 connectivity, manage representatives’ business, improve client engagement experience, etc.

    Proven Profitable and Sustainable Business Model

    Empowers representatives to develop their businesses and continually equip representatives with professional competence and updated knowledge.

    Long-term and Recurring Passive Income

    Creates better financial stability by enabling representatives to build income streams, including recurring ones, from multiple sources.

    In short, we empower our representatives to focus on building a meaningful long-term career they can be proud of.

    Drop us an e-mail via the Contact Us page now to learn more about being our representative!