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Yvonne Lim

MAS REP NO. LZY300052763

My Specialities

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Wealth Accumulation – Retirement & Education
  • Wealth Enhancement- Investment Planning & Management
  • Wealth Protection- Risk Identification & Management
  • Insurance Portfolio Restructuring
  • Estate Planning

About Me

As the saying goes, “Worrying is not planning and Hope is not a good strategy”. And this is exactly what I assist with – building a sound financial strategy and facilitating your action plan via a systematic approach. Being a financial consultant puts me in a privileged position to see life goals falling into place, and knowing that I played a part in that gives me the greatest satisfaction.

From my days as a rookie financial consultant up till my being an Associate Wealth Advisory Director today, I have benefited greatly from being part of a great company and a high performing and cohesive team. It is also because of our team’s differentiated investment advisory services and financial management strategy that my clients actively refer their friends & colleagues to me for advice. And thankfully for that, my practice thrives.

2014 – 2016

Financial Alliance Quality Class (Eminence Class)

2013, 2017 – 2019

Financial Alliance Quality Class (Prestige Class)


Financial Alliance Quality Class (Merit Class)


Top New AUA Consultant – 3rd


Top New AUA Consultant – 3rd


Top New AUA Consultant – 5th

  • Bachelor of Business, Second Class Honours (Upper division), Nanyang Technological University
  • Associate Wealth Planner (AFPCM)

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