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Dennis Chia

MAS REP NO. CCX100071130

My Specialities

  • SME Solutions
    1. Fleet Management
    2. Commercial Risk Management
    3. Liability & Indemnity Management
    4. Marine Cargo & Bailees Insurance
    5. Security Bonds
    6. Employee Benefits & Retention
    7. Management Succession Planning
  • Personal Financial Advisory
    1. Dying too young – Family needs to continue Living
    2. Living too long – Growing Old with Dignity and in Comfort
    3. Should Something Bad Happen between 1 & 2
      • Protection against High Medical Bills
      • Living Expenses when you are unable to work or recovering from an illness or accident
    4. Love Ones with Special Needs
    5. Distribution and Legacy Planning


About Me

I have encountered many people in my work life, both within and outside of Singapore. They include CEOs, Senior Management of big corporations, Cargo Handlers, Warehousemen and Truck Drivers, Secretaries, Admin Personnel, Environmental and Hygiene Workers and more. I have learnt to work with them, and learnt from them too. That’s life.

I do not work alone. I have a Team of experts to help me engage with you at all levels, both Internally & Externally.


Financial Alliance Quality Class (Eminence Class)


Financial Alliance Quality Class (Merit Class)

  • Bachelor Of Science in Management (Second Upper Class Honors)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC®

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