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Roy Lee 李明阳

MAS Rep No. LMY200056348
Associate Director, Financial Advisory Group

My Specialities

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Insurance Policy Review
  • Comprehensive Financial Review and Planning

About Me

Roy Lee is an Associate Director and Independent Financial Adviser Representative who specialises in financial services such as Asset Management, Investment, Insurance and Private Wealth Solutions.

Immersed in the financial industry for the past seven years, he has – by working in top financial institutions and firms – managed millions in Assets Under Management, led teams and projects to success, and honed his investment skills and successfully managed investment portfolios.

The exposure at a young age to the daily stock market news and TV programs and a teacher who specialises in the business finance subject helped spark Roy’s interest for the dynamic and unpredictable pulse of the financial sector.

As a result, Roy went on to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Finance and a Diploma in Banking and Financial Management.

Roy had also served in the Singapore Armed Forces, having held appointments from platoon sergeant to platoon commander. During his military career, Roy had worked together and rubbed shoulders with top-ranking military officers, travelled to Australia, Thailand and Brunei, working alongside military personnel from different cultures and backgrounds in combined exercises where Roy managed to shape his leadership and decision-making skills in an environment where failure is not an option.

Fast-forward to today, Roy is known for his leadership skills, industry acumen, and no-nonsense approach to his financial advisory work. He frequently holds seminars about investment and insurance, is an advocate for passive income generation, and coaches people by pulling back the curtain to reveal the tricks of the trade to help others achieve success in the financial industry.

2014 – 2015

Financial Alliance Quality Class (Merit Class)

  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Diploma in Banking and Financial Management
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