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Tang Kia Siang 陈嘉祥

MAS Rep No. TKS300309207
Financial Consultant

My Specialities

  • Fee-based Financial Planning
  • Family Insurance and Savings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Child Education Funding
  • Investment Planning
  • Company & Business Insurance

About Me

Tang Kia Siang (陈嘉祥) always believes that everyone should take charge of their own personal finance, including building financial security and growing the value of net wealth. In order to achieve that, truthful and value-added financial advice is very important for making informed decisions and plans.

His favourite quote is “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. He interprets the word “balance” to mean stability in financial, physical and mental aspects, and “moving” means knowing the actual happening and trends, being prepared and moving forward.

According to him, the usual way of saving is not totally risk free. It still carries certain risks. Surprisingly, such risks are not recognised by many people, e.g., inflation risk (or perhaps default risk). Also, time is the crucial factor in money accumulation and most of the time, it is not sufficient in long term planning.

Despite all that, there are also five big enemies in life which will disrupt our planning, namely Death, Disability, Critical Illness, Hospitalization and Accident. It is important to expect the unexpected to protect one’s family’s finances.

His approach is to assist clients in making informed decisions and offer holistic solutions to their financial needs. He firmly believes the concept and solution provided must be clear, plain, customized, client oriented, and truthful.

He also attends investment courses and financial seminars to upgrade his skills and improve his quality of service.

  • Bachelor of Degree in Civil Engineering
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