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Francis Hoan

MAS Rep No. HPH100035770
Financial Advisory Director, Financial Advisory Group

My Specialities

    1. Insurance Planning & restructuring focusing on optimizing premium dollar EFFICIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS
    2. Practical Estate Planning
    3. Practical Wealth Creation & Accumulation Planning
    1. Over time, direct consultants to progress in their COMPETENCY & SKILLS
    2. To develop realistic BUSINESS STRATEGY, while capitalizing on their current competency & skills to achieve their BUSINESS GOALS
    3. Create and direct the advisory group towards achieving the group’s business goals within a POSITIVE WORKING ENVIRONMENT and achieving a BALANCED & QUALITY LIFESTYLE

About Me

Being in the financial industry for more than 29 years, Francis has seen the financial services industry evolve from just 2 main players; namely the banks and insurers, to the inclusion of “Independent Financial Adviser” firms as the third player with the introduction of the Financial Adviser’s Act (FAA) in October 2002.

This has resulted changing not only the way financial products are sold but also shift the emphasis on product selling to more of financial planning and personal risk management. The advent of independent financial adviser firms has also resulted in consumers being able to experience unbiased product advice and more accurate matching of products to their financial objectives.

Being a firm believer in the benefits of financial planning and in-depth understanding of the financial industry and practice, he would be able to share the job scope, challenges as well as career benefits as a financial consultant with an independent financial advisory firm.

His passion now is to help individual consultants build a meaningful career in the financial advisory practice.

My Articles

  • About Francis Hoan and the Praxis Group, and their Beliefs and Core Values
  • “Do I need Estate Planning?” – Article by Francis Hoan, 12 January 2016
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)
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